This book, written by Julia Navarro, is set in 2010 and narrates the story of two families, one Israeli and another Palestinian, from the end of the nineteenth century until now. Both of them tell the same stories from their point of view and the common thread is the interview of a woman journalist who works for a charity organization in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Enough said by Holofcener


enough said


‘Enough said’ came on at Filmoteca de Cantabria (C/Bonifaz) and I went along to see it. I need to say that I didn't have great expectations, because I had no idea about that director, called Holofcener. The film tells the story of Eva starred by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Albert portrayed by James Gandolfini and some other weird people who add a bit of spice to their relationship.

The very British detectives



I’m very fond of spy, thriller or crime films. I share this passion with British people. They have been fascinated by this genre of stories since the Edwardian era, the golden age of crime fiction. I love British fictional detectives. Among others, I recommend you to watch these series, and above all, for their good English.




While Tarantino imagines an universe full of bloodthirsty people, Clark Kent is a clear example of the way Superman views humans. So If Tarantino had filmed Superman, he would never have dressed him in short trousers over leggins, neither would Luisa Lane have been a boring and fearful girl, nor would Clark Kent be a weak shaky doubtful guy.



War is murder, end of story. It’s eerie how people get used to what they see every day. When a war starts, our televisions spit out tons of images of bombs and shells, light flashes and dark smoke towards us. Blankly-faced reporters tell us what is happening. Initially we get shocked. Yet, after a few days or weeks, we begin to suffer from the so called “war fatigue”. We switch off both our minds and our TV sets.


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