Enough said by Holofcener

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Published on Monday, 31 March 2014 20:10
Written by Jane Bürger
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enough said


‘Enough said’ came on at Filmoteca de Cantabria (C/Bonifaz) and I went along to see it. I need to say that I didn't have great expectations, because I had no idea about that director, called Holofcener. The film tells the story of Eva starred by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Albert portrayed by James Gandolfini and some other weird people who add a bit of spice to their relationship.



Eva is a skilled masseuse who carries a foldable and rather bulby massage table to her patients’ houses. She is a middle-aged divorced mother who is about to be alone, because her teenage daughter is going to study to another city. She seems to be really cheerful, always cracking witty jokes to her best friends Sarah and Will, a couple who have been married for a long time and now are desperately trying to tolerate the uncovered sarcasm in each other’s comments.

Albert is also a middle-aged divorced father who is struggling with the fact of having an empty nest soon, because his quite sophisticated daughter, who studies Fashion Design, is going to a big city. He doesn’t care too much about his out of shape figure and his dozens of quirks (not having bedsides tables or collecting toothbrushes in his bathroom, just to name a few).

Eva and Albert meet at a party and they are mutually introduced by Will, getting on rather well at first sight. In the same venue Eva is also introduced to another guest, Marianne, an attractive and bright poet, who has loads of famous acquaintances. Eva gets particularly fascinated by the fact that Marianne can write poetry for a living.

Eva and Albert lives are very much a like, same marital status, syndrome of empty nest, sense of humour, but that doesn’t mean they will be the ‘The Mister/Miss Right’ to each other, especially after Eva befriending one of her statuesque female patients.

Holofecner has succeeded in creating entirely real characters, totally convincing, with priceless dialogues. A particular strength of this comedy is the star-studded cast, not to mention Gandolfini who gives a compelling performance as a clumsy and unconventional perfect lover. You may well feel an extreme empathy towards him, as he has already passed away. And you were wondering how you could possibly have helped him sort out all the misunderstandings with his thoughtful Eva or his picky daughter, so that he could enjoy a worry-free existence.

It's worth seeing this film, I would definitely recommend it. 'Enough said' provides a revealing insight into the difficulty of finding emotion, love and sex in a relationship after the fifties. It’s a masterpiece, you’ll certainly enjoy laughing, since it mirrors lots of couples you have already known.

Enough said, indeed. I don’t want to spoil this must see film (in original version, please). Go to the nearest cinema, buy a big bucket of popcorn with extra butter (as Eva and Albert did) and savour it.

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