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Published on Thursday, 15 January 2015 11:59
Written by Begoña García
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This book, written by Julia Navarro, is set in 2010 and narrates the story of two families, one Israeli and another Palestinian, from the end of the nineteenth century until now. Both of them tell the same stories from their point of view and the common thread is the interview of a woman journalist who works for a charity organization in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Through the storytelling of two octogenarian men, the book makes a revision of the European history since the beginning of the Russian Revolution when the Jews were harassed. Therefore, they crossed Europe looking for the Promised Land and they eventually arrived in Palestine. Thousand of Jewish families managed to live in peace with Palestinian people for decades, sharing lands and creating steadfast bonds of friendship and knowledge; only religions did they prevent from the intermarriage. But with the World Wars, the situation started to be more and more complicated and fragile.

The book shows us that the current situation is the result of several decades of lies and unfulfilled promises. During the two World Wars, the English, the French, the Turks and so on, promised them different things to get their support: to divide the Palestinian territory in two equal parts, to recognize their own country, to recover territories occupied by kolkhozes, just to name a few.

This story made me reflect on this matter. I totally disagree with the Israeli behaviour (and with the international community’s conducts, in general) but little by little I became aware of the fact that the Palestinian problem is not only a problem of physical space; it’s much bigger than this. I won’t give away the ending but it’s mightily surprising because the journalist shows the true reasons for her research without knowing that the two men were also aware of those and of the consequences.