Fight Club



Usually, when you read a book and then you see the movie based on, the movie could be better than the book but in this case the movie is so well done that you can´t hardly appreciate differences between them. I am speaking about Figth Club, a movie based on the novel  of the same title written by Chuck Palahniuk.

One day I was looking for a book a little bit different from the books I had read before because I used to read mystery novels and I needed some change for my readings. My father used to read a lot of books and I thought that I should ask him for some advice about what could be a good idea. He highly recommended me  Figth Club. Good moment for you to read it, he said to me, now you are old enough.

It was really amazing for me from the very first line. The Washington Post BooK World said that Figth Club is an acid and hilarious movie, I can´t describe it any better.
I was in a hurry to see the movie when I had finished my reading althoug I was afraid of becoming disappointed but it wasn’t the case.

The first figth club rule is: don´t speak about figth club. Every weekend, a handful of office workers take off their shoes and shirts and fight between them till sheer exhaustion. On Monday, they came back to their offices with purlish eyes and a heady feeling of omnipotence. But these meetings weren’t the only the aim of Tyler Durden plan. Tyler Durden, projectionist, waitress and dark anarchy genious, aspire to take revenge on society,  which he felt it suffered from extreme consumerism.

So far I can tell you because I don´t want to unveil you the surprising ending. I think it is better for you to discover it by yourself. I hope you take pleasure from your reading experience.

Laura Ruiz Iglesias.

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