Books Vs E-books




Nowadays the technology invades our lives. Everything has to be updated or upgraded otherwise it becomes outdated and useless. Books cannot even escape from technological progress. But, What is going to happen when we have no more books to open, touch or smell?

Some years ago Amazon developed Kindle, a device that was able to show a book almost as if it were a paperback. At first people were a little reluctant to use it. Besides, some writers and librarians predicted the demise or death of the book like in ‘Fahrenheit 451’.  They also said that the technology would change the concept of the book as we already knew it. Somehow they were not wrong.

A  couple of years had to go by for a general acceptance of the e-readers.  Thanks to Steve Jobs, his iPhone and iPad lightened the mass approach to this new way of reading. Who does not have a smartphone today? Virtually everybody has one.

On the other hand, some people still think that e-books and their e-readers are no match for the real paper books. However, Newspapers have been seriously hit by the digital revolution. They are in danger of extinction. More and more people are taking up reading the news on their smart devices. Just in Spain, newspaper printing has been cut down to approximately 50% in the past few years.

Life changes and so forth our habits. If we ask a child for a newspaper he will readily look for his tablet. And surely enough, not having paper books wouldn’t be a tragedy for them. Instead, electronic readers will do the trick, whereas adults struggle to accept it . Books are and will always be paper books, even if we read them with electronic devices.

By M. Lujan Romero

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