Books that should be banned


Nowadays it is impossible to determine how much damage the princess tales and the fairy tales have brought about in the girls of my generation. Namely, I am referring to tales such a Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Snow-white and other ones like these. In all the tales the plot is alike, a youngster in trouble and a handsome man who goes and rescue her sorting her problems out.

First of all, this kind of books should be banned since they only spawn an illusion about the perfect man and the girls build up hopes that all things are going to turn out well if they find their Prince Charming. I think they’d better paddle their own canoe and solve their problems by themselves. And the most important thing, if they are unable to do anything, they should find a way out and learn how to cope with it.

On the other hand, it is true, up to a point, that these tales highlight the importance of kindness and good manners. It seems that if you are a good person, in the end, you are going to be happy ever after. But in real life it is not so. I can see the point of persuading the youth to be better through the promise of a reward, nevertheless the problem arises when the award never comes. In this case women are unlikely to find the ideal partner out of the blue.

Moreover, nobody seems to pay any attention to the age of the female main character. It is under eighteen, in most cases less than sixteen. I see it as too untimely, I could not imagine my daughter getting married under age. We need to take into account the period of time they were written at. Charles Perrault wrote Tales of Mother Goose with the first version of Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood in 1697 and The Brothers Grimm made a remake of them in 1812. Definitely, they are not suitable enough for the current generation.

For all these reasons, in spite of being a staunch supporter of reading, I never give Princess Tales Books as a present or recommend them. Most of the stories do not convey an ethos that I consider appropriate because they do not teach the relevance of Education for the future of women.

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