War is murder, end of story. It’s eerie how people get used to what they see every day. When a war starts, our televisions spit out tons of images of bombs and shells, light flashes and dark smoke towards us. Blankly-faced reporters tell us what is happening. Initially we get shocked. Yet, after a few days or weeks, we begin to suffer from the so called “war fatigue”. We switch off both our minds and our TV sets.


In the early 1990s a terrible war broke out at a stone’s throw from this very place, in Sarajevo. Previously, it had been a wonderful place where people from different races used to live in peace. Nevertheless, when war started, neighbours turned against neighbours, families got broken down, and the once beautiful city sank in despair, hunger and hatred.

This book shows the story of a young war reporter on her first job in an under siege city. The things she saw, the feelings she felt, the people she met and how, in the middle of all that mess, people turned to music as a way of escape. This is, just as in lots of other books, an opportunity to see how war really is, how devious and crooked people’s minds can be.


In my opinion, books such as The Diary of a Young Girl or The Pianist, should be a compulsory reading for young people. ‘By no means could anything of the sort happen to us’, we think. A sure way to prevent it  is making our youth aware of what war really is. It has nothing to do, whatsoever, with winners or losers, there is not such thing as good nor bad sides. There are just suffering, hunger and despair. War is murder, end of story.


Written by Werner García

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