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Published on Monday, 22 April 2013 22:32
Written by CRISAC5
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While Tarantino imagines an universe full of bloodthirsty people, Clark Kent is a clear example of the way Superman views humans. So If Tarantino had filmed Superman, he would never have dressed him in short trousers over leggins, neither would Luisa Lane have been a boring and fearful girl, nor would Clark Kent be a weak shaky doubtful guy.

Things would have been different. Supeman would have worn a snowy-white Kimono, ready to be spattered with blood. His weapongs one katana made by Hattori Hazo in Okinawa and one 9mm trapped Smith & Wesson. Luisa Lane would have glittered like a red-haired stunning lady married to a Mexican “narco”. He would have been eager to get a new drug called Kryptonite. Eventually, Clark Kent would have worked as Luisa’s bodyguard. Of course madly in love with her.

Now we are ready for the shooting. That’s my harebrained mind, Tarantino would not tear an American super-hero down. Nobody like him shows the American way. Love him or hate him? Who cares!!

From Reservoir Dogs to Django he has been creating “ The Alternative word of Tarantino”. An alternative world where Hitler is machine gunned in a Parisien cinema ending the second world war.The angle of camaras, the film timing, sceneries, the American pop culture, characters, actors, not a thing is unintentional. He makes up films with razor-sharp screenplays written by him. The violence is constant, but we must understand, It's necessary and only exists inside Tarantino’s world, being most of times absurd and amusing.

People who are against this kind of films have a way out: “Don’t see them”. That’s up to them. As for me, I have never asked if a movie could damage mankind, I justenjoy the film. It’s fiction. Truly, I’ve seen Snowy White and I don’t want seven dwarfs at home, in the same way, seeing a Tarantino’s film I don’t want killing someone.