The very British detectives



I’m very fond of spy, thriller or crime films. I share this passion with British people. They have been fascinated by this genre of stories since the Edwardian era, the golden age of crime fiction. I love British fictional detectives. Among others, I recommend you to watch these series, and above all, for their good English.

Sherlock Holmes with his high intuition solves crimes without the help of AND or fingerprint tests. The new BBC series (set in present-day London) has caused a great deal of controversy: some viewers think this Sherlock’s got Asperger’s Syndrome.

 Miss Marple is an apparently harmless old lady who doesn’t need to hide herself behind a newspaper, knitting is her own way to watching.

The Oxford police Inspector Morse’s a gold bachelor, Jaguar-driving, beer-drinking and music-loving. He’s also a well-educated person interested in many subjects like art, history and poetry. He’s very fond of solving cryptic crossword puzzles and obsessed with the correct use of English language. This series show us the life in Oxford, full of envy and ambition.

It’s no surprising that “Cluedo”, the popular board game was devised in England in 1949, in order to satisfy the legion of British amateur detectives.

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