Books that should be banned


Nowadays it is impossible to determine how much damage the princess tales and the fairy tales have brought about in the girls of my generation. Namely, I am referring to tales such a Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Snow-white and other ones like these. In all the tales the plot is alike, a youngster in trouble and a handsome man who goes and rescue her sorting her problems out.

If only he had listened to her


He felt a gloomy foreboding. Something was wrong. A shiver ran down his spine.The faster he drove, the further the house seemed to be. He was gripping the wheel so hard that his hands hurt.

The house appeared in front of his eyes dark and eerily quiet. As he hurried up the staircase he was filled with cold horror. She wasn't there. Nevertheless all her things were in the bedroom. Everything in its place.



George Raymond Richard Martin was born in September 20th, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. He sold his first novel at the age 21, and he received an M.S (Master of Science) in Journalism the ensuing year. Even though he has written a huge amount of novels and short stories, besides his work as a writer for TV shows on CBS, perhaps his best known work is ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.


Books Vs E-books




Nowadays the technology invades our lives. Everything has to be updated or upgraded otherwise it becomes outdated and useless. Books cannot even escape from technological progress. But, What is going to happen when we have no more books to open, touch or smell?

Fight Club



Usually, when you read a book and then you see the movie based on, the movie could be better than the book but in this case the movie is so well done that you can´t hardly appreciate differences between them. I am speaking about Figth Club, a movie based on the novel  of the same title written by Chuck Palahniuk.

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