The good old potato



Peruvians and Bolivians would never have imagined that the simple tuber they were used to eat on a daily basis could radically transform the Old World’s diet. Spanish conquerors brought the potato to Europe in the second half of the 16th century and due to this mere fact, the European 19th century population boom happened to be. Discussions about the issue of nourishment were a 'hot potato' amongst scientists and ordinary people to such extent that around 1845, a British activist group so-called ‘The Society for the Prevention of an Unwholesome Diet’ tried to keep ‘the bastard potatoes’ out of Britain, as they were considered unhealthy and poisonous. 


New dietary tribes


Dietary When our ancestors lived in Altamira cave, they had a reasonably varied diet: seeds, meats, roots and herbs. Those cave-dwellers tried to make the most of what they found in Nature; they would not dare to be picky eaters, since they needed survive and it was not easy at that time. Surprisingly though it sounds, nowadays more and more people are delving into the world of questioning everything they eat, creating a variety of different do-not-eat lists, sometimes observing self-imposed culinary restrictions. Their reasons vary wildly from envinronmental and ethical concerns towards health and well-being.



Image result for experiments on animalsExperimenting with animals is one of the most controversial topics that usually ends up in passionate arguments and not only in the scientist area but in the media, in social groups, in universities and even in the industry. It’s really difficult to remain idle because the dilemma is: How far can experiments with animals be scientifically and ethically admitted? To what extent can animal suffering be justified for the benefits of humankind?



Save Nature


Some weeks ago a friend of mine asked me about what we could do to stop the climate change.  And I told him that was a good question as it is one of our greatest threats. However, is it only about climate change? We are really worried about the weather and its consequences but what happens with the rest of those Earth disasters caused by human beings? Unfortunately, we have a flimsy memory and we quickly  forget our mistakes.




I confess that I'm a sport lover and I have practiced sport all my life. Nevertheless, today,  in my sixties, I continue asking myself the same question. Is sport really a healthy activity?

On the one hand, staying active improves our life quality. It increases the good cholesterol (HDL) and It delays the hypertension problems. Besides, it avoids overweight. It is an excellent ally against the cardiovascular diseases and increases stamina.

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