New dietary tribes

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Published on Sunday, 26 April 2015 18:31
Written by Jane Bürger
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Dietary When our ancestors lived in Altamira cave, they had a reasonably varied diet: seeds, meats, roots and herbs. Those cave-dwellers tried to make the most of what they found in Nature; they would not dare to be picky eaters, since they needed survive and it was not easy at that time. Surprisingly though it sounds, nowadays more and more people are delving into the world of questioning everything they eat, creating a variety of different do-not-eat lists, sometimes observing self-imposed culinary restrictions. Their reasons vary wildly from envinronmental and ethical concerns towards health and well-being.

Most impressive of all is that the common omnivore (someone who consumes both animal and plant-based food) has become a kind of endangered species, especially if they belong to a 'cool urban tribe'. Amongst them, it will be more likely to find vegetarians, definition often used as a blanket term to describe anyone who abstains from eating meat.

Vegetarianism can also be dividided into other less animal-exclusive permutations. Here are some examples: for  lacto-vegetarians, dairy products are permissible, although some of the faithful still strenuously avoid rennet, which is used to make cheese. In an ovo-lacto-vegetarianian diet, dairy and eggs are not ruled out, although for ovo-vegetarians dairy products are off the menu.

Some other groups are greatly worried about how animals were raised or fed on, however, they don't acknowledge eating meat as a sin. These are pescetarian and pollotarian. The former can eat any fish they wish, and for the latter all fine feathered friends happily own a place on their plates.

Raw foodists are the most orthodox tribe of the lot. For them, food cooked above a temperature of 45ºC have lost most of their nutritional value, even to the point of toxicity, freezing also harms the level of enzyme activity. Preparation often involves soaking or dehydratation for food to become edible.

And what about you? How do you prefer to nourish yourself?

After reading this article, you may realize that you're having too much on your plate, which it'¡s true. So make up your mind and choose the best diet for you. I'm sure that will be the cream of the crop for your body and it will certainly thank you for this wise move. Therefore go ahead without fear, take the plunge and become a new member of a healthier dietary tribe!