Fun should be the aim, health the consequence. You may have the impression everybody is always telling you that you should do more exercise. You may know a lot of people who go to the gym, indulge jogging or play ball sports. Even you may have tried to practice some of them yourself and finally you just quit it because it was hard and sometimes rather boring. Never mind, perhaps what you just need is finding the kind of exercise that better suits you.

Everybody knows the benefits of practicing sports and leading a healthy life. For instance, we know that some sports increase our serotonin levels (the hormone of happiness). Besides, physical exercise helps us control our blood pressure and cholesterol levels. On the other hand, doing sports could also involve some risks, especially if you don’t perform each exercise properly. Likewise, if you have any physical condition, you have to be careful, visit your doctor and perhaps you should take some special cares.

There are mainly two kinds of sports, aerobic and anaerobic sorts. The former is the type of exercise you can perform for a long period of time, for instance, swimming or jogging. And the latter is the kind of sport you practice for a few seconds or minutes and you have to stop to rest later on, such as weight lifting.

Then, what kind of sport should I do? Although the best kind of exercise is the aerobic one, this is a question that can only be answered by you. Nonetheless, there are some aspects you should consider.  First of all, think about your likes and dislikes. If you like what you’re doing, it won’t be an obligation any longer. Then you should decide when you are going to do it, on which days and for how long. And last but not least, increase the intensity gradually so as not to get extremely tired on the first session.  Take your time and enjoy yourself!

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