First and foremost, it is very difficult for me to express with words the wide range of feelings that the sea provokes to the people. You may feel nostalgic, imaginative, …..dreamy…

In fact, some of the best poets –ALBERTI-and painters-MONET- have been inspired by the sea.

Actually, you can enjoy the sea in different ways can stay from a gazebo spending hours looking how waves crash into foam, against the cliffs, while sun is setting or also you can spend one Saturday morning in summer searching for shells, corals, star fish, you name it.

Indeed , it doesn´t matter the season,in summer you can bathe but  in autumn, you can also go for a stroll, because in the sea every season has its magic. The idea of being something that looks the same, does not apply to the sea because the sea has a lot of nuances and glitters.


On the other hand, It is also remarkably rich the ornithological fauna of the sea. I love seabirds such as the skua, the herring gull, the yellow-legged gull ...and so on, but I also find sharks, killer whales and walruses most fascinating

At sunset, it is amazing to saunter along the beach with the sound of the sea in the background while the herring gull is flying above at dusk.

There are many situations related to the sea which remind me of the best of nature such as the scents of the wind on the coast or the magic of the moon reflected on the surface.

In any case, the sea offers you different choices such as surfing, diving, fishing, swimming or enjoying the challenge of discovering the treasures of gold and pearls which are still resting in mythical wooden galleons that live under the sea.




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