The good old Loo


Will we ever invent anything this useful again?

We tend to think our age the most innovative ever, we have smartphones, super-computers, nano-technologies, gene and cell therapies. However, nobody has come up with an invention as effective as the humble loo.


One of the most succesful designs ever was created by Sir John Harrington in 1596 who designed the first one for Queen Elizabeth I.  Nevertheless the English plumber Thomas Crapper was the one who developed and manufactured the modern water-closet.

Modern science has probably failed to make anything of such scope. The flush toilet has done more to improve the Health of the world than the wonder of antibiotics. It has transformed the live of billions of people.

In fact, this modest gadget not only relieved lives, but it indeed has saved them. Before the loo existed, filthiness was everywhere causing epidemics, infections and death.

Having said that, next time you flush the toilet, take a moment to think about a world without these wonders of human engineering.

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