Naturalist Vs Traditional outlook


Feel good, look good, do good is the slogan of naturalist and ecologist people.

Eating healthy, mainly natural products, keeping a mind and body balance, avoiding any kinds of preservatives or chemical medicines and protecting the environment are the top goals for a healthy lifestyle.

A green life means preserving the natural balance between human needs and nature.

Unfortunately, the natural product regulations are quite faulty in many aspects. However this big business is thriving, rocketing.

A lot of nature shops take advantage from the customers, offering magical cures in a mislead way, never mind nor the severity of illness neither the consequences of a wrong medical procedure.

Last week the most influential medical journal in the world "The New England Journal of Medicine", published an article warning against some methods of alternative medicine.

They insist on a single efficient conventional medicine tested by scientific research, whereas the alternative medicine tends to be based on theories and anecdotes. Clearly, everybody should have a lifestyle as healthy as possible, although, come what may, serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes should always be treated by medical specialists.



                                                                                              Cristina Ayala

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