Save Nature


Some weeks ago a friend of mine asked me about what we could do to stop the climate change.  And I told him that was a good question as it is one of our greatest threats. However, is it only about climate change? We are really worried about the weather and its consequences but what happens with the rest of those Earth disasters caused by human beings? Unfortunately, we have a flimsy memory and we quickly  forget our mistakes.


I’m aware of the fact that some disasters in our planet had been unintentionally caused, such as: the explosion of a pesticide factory in Bhopal, the explosion of a nuclear power station in Chernovil, the breakage of the dam of a thermoelectric plant in Tennessee or the Prestige spillage. But other ones are as dangerous as these and they have been done on purpose; for instance: the recurrent deforestation, water poisoning, the madness of civil works wasting tonnes of sand or the damaging palm oil crops in Indonesia.

Nowadays we are suffering the consequences of these disasters, even if they took place some decades ago. As we all know, people are dying out from polluted air, lack of drinking water or blood diamonds, you name it. Too many animals have disappeared, lots of them during the accidents and the rest because they haven’t been able to adapt to a new habitat. I know the Arctic is receding, however, what happened with thousands of permanent snow square metres? They have already disappeared too.

I think that the Earth disasters are like poverty; less than ten per cent of the population gathers the ninety per cent of the wealth and, in this case, a tiny number of people are destroying the most important things and the most important places of our planet. For this reason, only if we work together we will manage to stop the destruction because together, we are more numerous and stronger than them. But only all together, and I think this is another of our biggest problems.

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