Spanish youth's leisure time


leisure time


The aim of this article is to describe recent changes in the way Spanish youngsters spend their spare time and to estimate what could happen in the future.

Clothing styles to die for or ‘to diet’ for



We know from archaeologists findings that our ancestors wore a very complex outfit: leggings to cover their lower legs, long-sleeved fur coats, boots and caps of thick fur. For cave-dwellers such as these, keeping all their body warm was paramount. Back then, clothing wasn’t based on the need of showing off their status and definitely they didn’t have much of a choice – quite the contrary approach to garments in recent times. Nowadays, an increasing number of fashion tribes are popping up and bringing different styles of wrapping up our body and the hottest fashion attire have surfaced in loads of articles. Here are some of these new tendencies:




CanicrossCanicross is a winter sport category in which one you run with your dog tethered to your waist. It was introduced in Spain at the end of the twentieth century but in Europe this sport is far older. Now it belongs to the Winter Sport Federation but, in a near future, it will probably have its own federation.



Can you imagine having dinner in a completely silent restaurant, just focusing in every bite you put into your mouth?. According to an article I have recently read, this is actually a real option in a new restaurant named “EAT” in New York, curiosly enough in Brooklyn, which is wellknown as one of  noisiest hotspot city in the Earth.

The rise of low-cost flights comes at a high price


Low costThe enormous success of low-cost airlines in the market has promoted the emergence of a growing number of low cost companies.Usually, low-cost airlines fly to small airports, so-called secondary airports that charge less or almost nothing, because the stream of passengers increases their revenues and brings potential customers for the touristy development of these areas. However, are the low-cost airlines a veritable chance to improve people's lives and to protect the environment of these regions?

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