Can you imagine having dinner in a completely silent restaurant, just focusing in every bite you put into your mouth?. According to an article I have recently read, this is actually a real option in a new restaurant named “EAT” in New York, curiosly enough in Brooklyn, which is wellknown as one of  noisiest hotspot city in the Earth.

            Apparently, the chef come up this weird idea in India, after spending some time with Buddish monks, who every day ate breakfast in dead silence. In his opinion, silence gives his guests the chance to enjoy food far better.

Thereby, in his restaurant the patrons undertake the oath of turning off their phones and avoid  uttering a single word for one and half hours . Meantime, they will be served up a four-course meal of organic locally-sourced food at the affordable price of $ 40. Failure to observe such conditions entails immediate expulsion, although, the penalized client holds the right to take his food in a tupperware.

It’s certainly true that sometimes the noise level in some restaurants is unbearable, however, I dare say that it’s even worse just hearing the colliding cutlery’s sound. For indeed, one of the most pleasant aspects of a fine dinning is precisely to share your outlooks with your fellow diners.

I’m not sure that food can be any tastier  when is relished quietly, but, in any case, if this quirky restaurant has become a succes is either because his philosophy is shared by a significant number of people. Or, otherwise we all deserve  a snob moment.

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