CanicrossCanicross is a winter sport category in which one you run with your dog tethered to your waist. It was introduced in Spain at the end of the twentieth century but in Europe this sport is far older. Now it belongs to the Winter Sport Federation but, in a near future, it will probably have its own federation.

To practise canicross you will need:

  • A tug line. It is a rope with a shock absorber. The length of the line is around two and a half metres.
  • A strong and comfortable crossing harness for your dog. It’s not the same you use for stroll: the ribbons are wider and the design is quite different.
  • Cycling gloves for you. Protecting your hands is necessary because, you run through paths or you may need to restrain the tug line for a long time.
  • Athletic material such as shirts, sweatpants and running shoes.

The most important safety measures are the following ones:

  • The age of your dog. When the dog is a puppy you can start running for short periods of time and slowly; only when your dog is a year old will you be able to run for longer intervals.
  • The dog has to be healthy and it must have all the vaccines up to date.
  • The temperature. When the temperature is higher than twenty degree you mustn´t run with your dog. It is your faithful friend and it´ll try to way out with you wherever you go but the heat - physical effort pairing, can play havoc on your dog’s health.
  • Choose shady places and places with water. If you are going to run for more than one hour, your dog will frequently need to drink a little bit of water.

And what is the most suitable breed to do canicross?

Providing that you are an athletic person and you want to win a lot of prices, you are to choose a “hunter dog” with their weight goes around twenty-five kilos. They are, by far, the fastest and the most resilient dogs. But should you only want to practise sport outdoors, canicross is one of the best thing you can do together, supposing that you like running and enjoying with your dog. It has given me ones of the greatest feelings in life.

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