Clothing styles to die for or ‘to diet’ for



We know from archaeologists findings that our ancestors wore a very complex outfit: leggings to cover their lower legs, long-sleeved fur coats, boots and caps of thick fur. For cave-dwellers such as these, keeping all their body warm was paramount. Back then, clothing wasn’t based on the need of showing off their status and definitely they didn’t have much of a choice – quite the contrary approach to garments in recent times. Nowadays, an increasing number of fashion tribes are popping up and bringing different styles of wrapping up our body and the hottest fashion attire have surfaced in loads of articles. Here are some of these new tendencies:



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‘City girls’ can be spotted wearing leather trousers and the most outstanding high pair of heels, which can be considered as a female tie. Keep in mind that a nice clutch bag and accessories are indeed a ‘must have’. As opposed to other styles, you can incorporate your most daring, bold and exaggerated pieces into your look without being afraid of being too OTT (over the top), it’s much about being able to go from casual to cool in a heartbeat. Incorporating colours, turtle neck sweaters, long coats paired with floppy hats and a nice make-up will help you become a ‘city girl’ in no time at all.

‘Bunker Boys’ put on pea coats – short, black, double-breasted along with big curly hair. These are twenty-something students who pretend to dress as Paris’ rioters in 1968. To contrast with these male species, there are the ‘Pin Ups’, who try to imitate Betty Page Forties burlesque, carrying an undeniable sexual prowess. They all love bright-red lips and wavy hair or a mixture of pin-curls or side-reverse rolls, feeling proud of their well-manicured fingernails and toenails. Their clothes always convey beauty and glamour with red waist-clinching belts above pencil skirts, therefore they firmly believe in the power of undergarments and high heels, wearing featured platforms with open-toes or sky-high stilettos.

The so-called ‘Boffins’ are painfully thin, elaborately geeky boys with giant spectacles and skinny jeans. This particular dress code may look dumb and hopeless if you don't know the visual language, but chock-full of meaning and cleverness if you do. They seem to be students of Art schools, wearing buttoned-up shirts and preferring an artistic and naive look.

‘Misshapers’ are well-shaped girls, jaunty comfortable-in-their-own-skins. Theyhave a knack for looking like stylishly rolled out of bed, throwing on the first ensemble they found. Forthem it’s essential to wear designer hoodies and a pair of black thick-framed glasses. Their make-up may stick with natural earth tones and stay away from glitters. Most important is their hairstyle: pixie cut, messy updo or loose side-braid. If they're confident enough, they’d have half shaved off or try asymmetrical cuts (one side longer).

Clearly it can be daunting, digging through the enormous amount of new ways of attiring yourself, but it’s easy to see why this is such a thought-provoking topic – our external appearance shows a lot about our inner beauty. For me personally, I believe balance and awareness are essential, I wouldn’t put on a bizarre raiment only because it’s in vogue. ‘Try new styles without becoming a fashion victim’ is my general attitude, but it takes all sorts. Let this article be a reminder of what to wear and to find a style that makes you feel superbly splendid.

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