Possibly, most of us have some sort of hobby. It starts as something one does for fun, just to relish some enjoyable activity. In this field, alongside people who collect objects, we find those who build things and those who take photographs. Nevertheless, there are some people who step beyond the boundaries and take their pastimes to the next level.

In the ranking of things collectors, there is a man who gathers beer bottle caps. It started as something minor, but then it grew up and now he has several hundreds of them from more than fifteen countries, and his collection is still rising. Yet, the most extravagant fellow is a man from Texas, USA, who brings WC caps together. He owns 700 of them, and he has done real masterpieces out of them. In fact, he runs a museum in his garage, which is visited by students and artists.

When talking about ‘building’ things, we find people who build scale models with matches. Thus, we can admire the Titanic or the Hogwarts School of ‘Harry Potter’, built by Patrick Acton, Iowa, USA. Nonetheless, an even more surprising hobby could be taxidermy. It consists on preserving dead animals and make them look alive.

There are also people whose love of photography is unbelievable. For instance, Jonathan Keller has been taking daily pictures of himself for more than twelve years, in order to appreciate those subtle changes on his face. Moreover, we find people who like taking photos of trains in movement, as well. Yet, the most shocking craze could well be stormchasing. These are people who wander for miles, looking for tornadoes and heavy storms just for the sake of a good picture. No doubt, it takes all sorts!

Written by Werner García

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