Childhood memories



The person who influenced me most in my childhood is undoubtedly my grandmother on my mother's side. I vividly remember her sitting near the stove, on one of her storytelling sessions in the evening, which was open to everyone who wanted to have a good time.

She was the most generous, open-minded and hard-working person I have ever known. In her house there was always food gallore. As she was brought up in the countryside where the only hobby was cooking delicious meals and appetizing desserts, one would never feel hungry when visiting her, because it was impossible to refuse her tasty morsels. Not only that, she loved giving presents, not expensive ones, but little packages with a handmade item of clothing or a deft handicraft.

She was born in a patriarchal society, but she was ahead of her time. She defended women's rights and the equal share of domestic chores. She taught her children, including the male ones, the art of cooking, sewing and knitting, because she used to say that it could save their lives in war times.

She always woke up at dawn. As she had a big family and worked as a teacher for her neighbours' children, her working day was very long and tiring. She had to knead the dough, do the laundry and take care of the vegetable garden before her children went to school.

Because of that, I think she surely deserves a special place in my heart. She taught me how to get on in life without being mean, narrow-minded or selfish.

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