I wish I weren't peniless…



Have you ever thought that one never sees reality shows with those less fortunate? The television doesn’t show a bunch of hard-up amateur swimmers acrobatically jumping into a run-down swimming pool. One would not watch a prime-time programme unveiling a cramped and shoddily furnished one-bedroom flat in a working-class neighbourhood. Do you wonder why these kind of low-income citizens would not appeal to the viewers?


The reason can be because those who are on the bread line don’t want to watch their miserly life portrayed on the telly. Nobody aspires to look at unfashionable proletariat wearing tawdry clothes, half-price shoes and twopenny accessories. There is no point in broadcasting hand-to-mouth existence. The media always present us a model of lifestyle and, of course, which doesn’t imply being in red numbers or below the poverty line.

These brainwashing shows work as a way of letting off steam. For instance, if you had a shabby mobile phone, a cheap computer and an affordable second-hand car, you wouldn’t desire to glimmer those bargains in your favourite gossip production. It’d be much worse if you were on the dole, struggling with cash-flow problems.

When you switch on the box, you hope to escape from your tough reality, forget about your minimum-wage job and scruffy house. Glued to the screen, you feel as if you weren’t a penny-pincher or overdrawn. This feeling only lasts for a few seconds. At the commercial break, you go and check your mailbox.

You return to your cheap and nasty couch and start opening your letters. At this moment, it comes to your mind that Steven Wright's quotation: ‘Bills travel through the mail at twice speed of cheques.’

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