Everyone has their own axe to grind





I've been passionate about hobbies my whole life. I love learning, researching and developing new skills. Some of these skills have proven useful in my career, and some are just for me to enjoy. Here I’ll write about my latest eco-friendly hobby. The one that makes life better and helps me unwind at the end of a long week of work.

Last year when I was in Holland I saw a street sweeper using some sort of tongs to pick up garbage. Since my return to Spain I have eagerly been trying to buy a pair of them, but it isn’t an easy job because nobody knows what I am asking for. Four months ago I was strolling about when out of the blue I saw it in front of my very eyes in a shop which sells all kind of stuff for handicapped people. Without hesitation I bought two, one pair for my husband and another one for me.

Now, most weekends we set off early towards footpaths off the beaten track. Happily, carrying our tongs, plastic bags, gloves and comfy shoes, we leave the area as clean as a hound’s tooth. Sometimes we meet ramblers, some praise us and others stare at us as if we were aliens, but we don’t care! A hobby is something you do to make you feel better, regarless of how weird that may look. The best part in taking up this hobby is the great sense of accomplishment - the more unblemished you leave the site, the better you feel, like a Good Samaritan for the environment. Unfortunately, there are quiet a number of picturesque spots utterly spoilt by the amount of litter people leave behind.
Right now, we’re trying to lure others to this new leisure activity. Maybe in the future it’ll be pointless doing this task (I hope so!), but for the time being, there is a lot to clean up.  What about you? If you're in the market for a new hobby, perhaps this will be the right one for you. So go ahead and take the plunge!  


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