I am a 'dollshouseaholic'


I must confess I am utterly hooked on dollhouses and completely nuts about miniatures. Building and furnishing a Victorian dollshouse is like stepping back in time and I love it.

I wonder if a 'dollshouseaholic' is born or made. I've been told that at the tender age of three I already showed signs of what was to come.





The magic of climbing mountains



First and foremost, under my point of view the best way to enjoy leisure time is to keep in touch with Nature.

Whenever you have to choose where to go, you have to take into consideration the different choices that nature offers you such as the sea, the mountains, the waterfalls, the rivers, the wildlife of an eagle in The Pyrenees, or excursion in the Pacific Ocean to see sharks,… and so forth.

Are you a gym addict?



Do you spend over two hours each day doing exercises? Do you frequently neglect job, studies and leisure activities to go to the gym? Are you moody or irritable if you don't work out? Do your workmates start asking you for fitness and nutrition advice?
Do your legs feel really stiff all the time? Is more than half of your laundry exercise outfits?

The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory, besides being a well-known theory of the origin of the Universe, is also an awarded CBS’s comedy show.

Do As You Please, Feel At Ease


 The way we enjoy our free time is on line with the way we are. People, who are energetic or as nowadays it is so common to say: vigorous, prefer doing activities in the open air, like running, cycling or going to the gym. On the other hand, quieter people enjoy reading a good book, listening to music, going out to see a film with friends or going for a stroll along the waterfront.

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