Having money versus Being married


Have you ever wondered about how many of your married friends are leading an unhappy hand-to-mouth existence? Have you ever thought that maybe they eventually lost their wealth the moment they decided to tie the knot? Well, according to an American survey nearly half of the couples believe that they would have been far richer if single.

The surprising fact is that more than a half of bachelors said that they would spend less money as single individuals. However, married women believed that they had become well-off after changing their marital status. It's also mentioned that dating can be very expensive, for males who shoulder the cost of first-date dinners and for females who need to 'maintain' their bodies and wardrobes just to get a partner. 

Needless to say that if you're in a relationship, you share money, different spending habits, expectations, and what's more, you have less personal control over your own finances. The research claims that men are twice as likely to treat themselves buying luxurious items, while women tend to be more fearful of being in the red. As tradition shows, women have always been very money wise. 

As the saying goes 'When poverty comes in through the door, love goes out the window'. It seems that the study confirms that if you are as poor as church mice, it would be very difficult for you to have or keep a long-lasting relationship. After reading this articles, I was wondering about what had happened with True Love and Body Chemistry. Is the Romanticism so worn-out and old-fashioned that only occurs in novels or soap operas? 

Everybody knows an example of a Cinderella. Maybe she wasn't looking on the assets side, but certainly her Prince Charming's bank account made him much more appealing than others. According to Darwin's theory, it's a matter of species' preservation. In the end, that's all it's about, isn't it?

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