Image result for mecThe Spanish Education System has changed a lot over the last 50 years. Not only because the new technologies have let us put into practice different ways of teaching and learning the subjects, but for the shifting political currents and the new ways of life.

In my salad days, between thirty-five and forty pupils were crammed into each classroom and the teachers overlooked their personal and educational difficulties. At the same time, the educational offer was rather narrow (only two alternatives: sciences or art with fixed subjects for each one) and, sometimes, we couldn’t even choose the foreign language: French for women and English for men. Besides, the only sources of information were our books and “the expensive encyclopaedia” that everybody had in their house or in their neighbours’ house. And to make matters worse, most men usually studied vocational training while women studied right-on degrees as teacher or nurse studies.

Nowadays one of the most important breakthroughs has been the presence of psychologists, speech therapists, career advisers and so on, to provide for the student diversity. Most students can choose among a large variety of courses in order to be better prepared for their future degree. Likewise, the changes of schedule have permitted the practice of extra-curricular activities and a huge number of students have lunch at school as a way to enhance their social relationship. And, what is more, every student has all kind of information with just a click.

Hands down our Education System is, right now, better than fifty years ago, as in the rest of the European countries. However, the speed of these changes is being quite high without enough time to test the results. Bologna Plan is only seven years old and nowadays our politicians are talking about new university curricula. So far, all these upgrades haven't been successful in improving, at least slightly, our school results. Unfortunately, the Spanish Education System maintains one of the highest levels of academic drop out in Europe.

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