Diferent generations living together

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Published on Tuesday, 26 February 2013 10:13
Written by Jane Bürger
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Over the past few years, it looks as if the size of families has been increasing, which means different generations from the same family living under the same roof. The question is whether it is convenient or not.


There are those who argue that grandchildren could learn a lot from their grandparents as far as respect, politeness, generosity and co-operation. In addition to this, they can help working-parents with the upbringing of their offspring. And eventually, they can help with a bit of money (taken from their pensioner’s income) towards household expenses.
However, critics fear that grandparents usually allow grandchildren's behave the wrong way. They tend to spoil them. Instead of supporting parents telling them off, they often defend or turn a blind eye on “mischief”. Apart from that, sometimes grandparents have to work as a 24/7 baby-sitter, with a wide range of chores, from changing nappies to telling fairy tales at bedtime, picking them from school, homework extra-help, you name it.
I strongly believe that, at the end of the day, different generations living together in the same house could be most beneficial for both, young ones and the elderly. It is a wonderful experience which could help us be more tolerant and supportive towards other people and gather good memories from our childhood.