Bad manners and aggressiveness


The Spanish Society has lately  been involved in a huge economic and financial crisis. There is absolutely no doubt about that and their consequences. We every day get up and have breakfast accompanied by the last citizen protest. Along with the crisis, the recent political wrong-doings take up all the news and they are the only subject of conversation in families and friends. Nevertheless nobody seems to be worried about the growth of aggressiveness in people`s behaviour.

Nowadays, more than ever, children show bad manners at school, teenagers are rude to their teachers and parents, and lastly adults, those who should be setting an example to their children, are unable to show any politeness.

In my opinion, when people is driving, worst manners pop up, changing their character completely. It is said that youngsters have an aggressive and uncivil way to drive. However, I can affirm from my own experience, more than 600.000 kilometres, than people are very much mistaken. Middle aged people, with a lot of experience, usually forget about the basic rules of behaviour with the car. They do not respect the traffic restrictions, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing and safety distance, and the excuse is always the same. So much to do, so little time.

In the street our behaviour does not get any better. When we are walking, if someone approaches us, we right away reject what he is saying. In most cases we do not listen to the other, it does not matter if he needs help or if he is offering us something. When someone stumbles or trips over and almost nobody offers any help. In shops and public offices, it is more or less the same, the smallest setback alters people´s mood. They usually do not accept reasons or explanations, they are intransigent and irrational. They just want what they want as they want.

It is said that the crisis, the high level of unemployment and the stress are the reasons for these behaviour. However I do not think so. We should pay attention and listen to the people around us, and we should try and make their life better. To sum up, society needs to change its attitude towards themselves and to the rest of the community, being less selfish and more understanding.

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