Putting your foot in it


Embarrassing moments, eh? Well, I reckon we've all had a few! But the one that springs to my mind was the time I visited my sister at my birthplace ten years ago. We hadn't seen each other for ages and I'd managed to spend a long weekend with her.

Anyway, we were chatting along in the balcony when her boyfriend arrived. It was boiling hot and he went to their bedroom to get changed. When he returned, he was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, a pair of jeans and in one foot a trainer while in the other a flip-flop. I started to look at his feet and they noticed that. Then my sister told me that he had a car accident and needed an operation on his foot, so he had an artificial limb. I didn't know about that and I felt very sorry for him.

Acting like a complete idiot, I told him 'It's incredible how good your surgeon was, because your foot turned out perfectly, especially the little and big toe!'. Several seconds of embarrassing silence elapsed before my sister said 'The artificial one is the other foot!'. What a stupid blunder I made!

So in an attempt to get myself out of the hole I'd just dug, indeed I made matters worse by saying 'Well, that way you won't get cold feet at anything again!'. At this point, I just wanted the ground to open and swallow me up, so I went to the kitchen and decided to get us some icecream.

Imagine how mortified I was when I returned and looked at my sister boyfriend's face! It's just as well my sister has a sort of British sense of humour and wasn't too upset about it. Well, there you have it. And the morale of the story? If you put your foot in it, leave it that way.

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