MOOCs: Are you eager to learn?


Nowadays nobody can say that new technologies have not changed our lives, sometimes for good, sometimes for worse, but definitely our way of living has been deeply changed by new technologies. Education is a field where new technologies are currently being more innovative and useful; a lot of different ways to learn have shown up. One of them is called MOOCs, and that is what I am going to talk about.

To begin with, I would like to explain what MOOC stands for. MOOC is the acronym of Massive Open Online Course and it is exactly just that.

MOOCs are online courses usually managed by well-known study centres or Universities. Because of that, you can be sure about what you learn. This kind of courses do not usually have fees, so everybody can do it and this is another of their advantages. Due to this, it is possible to create user forums which help build a community of students and professors to help each other. Another of their big advantages are their duely updated contents, the new interactive or passive formats to learn, and the list of alluring features  goes on and on.

However, MOOCs may also have some disadvantages. Sometimes if you do not know well where the course comes from, you can end up doing an outdated or even abandoned course. But, in my opinion, the greatest disadvantage is that nobody forces you to follow the course, actually, the latest information shows that only 10% of the students who start this kind of courses manage to finish them.

To sum up, this kind of courses are a good way to learn about anything you are interesting in, and to try different subjects without cost. The only things that you need in order to get emrolled in them are an Internet connexion and being eager to learn. If you are interested in MOOCs, I highly recommend you to check iTunesU or Coursera for courses in English, and Miriada X for courses in Spanish.

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