All of us steal, don't we?


Nowadays, more than ever, we are sick and tired of seeing so many corruption cases on the news. Those cases seem to be growing like a wild weed. Nobody appears to remain clean, neither politicians, regardless their party, nor even the Royal Family. Meanwhile, the innocent working citizens, surrounded by all this mess, claim for a solution. Nevertheless, are we that innocent? Are we so different from them after all?

 Who hasn’t ever ‘borrowed’ a stapler or some paper from their office? At hospital, workers might be likely to pinch some stuff for their own needs. When we buy an apartment, the seller may ask us some extra money, not stated in the contract of course. While certain number of businesses appears to pay their workers with black money as well, so on and so forth.

We could think that taking a stapler from our office is not the same as stealing money or the influence peddling. Well, it isn’t. Nonetheless, the principle is the same. We are not committed to our enterprise. By and large, if we could take advantage of something, as a good Spaniard, we would. It is part of our Spanish wile wrong doings. It is a matter of way of thinking.

In my opinion, it is high time we changed it. In order to achieve a more truthful society, we should change our frame of mind. Not only should we punish corruption, but also prevent it, starting from the smallest thing; setting an example for our children. This might seem impossible, yet it is necessary, so open your eyes and change your world!

Written by Werner García

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