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Published on Friday, 03 May 2013 21:55
Written by Jose luis Cabeza
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Nowadays football is the most popular sport on Earth. Everybody knows about  footballers, everybody buys their T-shirts, everybody watches the matches on TV or at the Stadium. Football moves millions of euros on TV rights, buying and selling footballers, on bets, as well, and so on and so forth. An important match like Barcelona against Madrid is shown all over the world and it is big business.

However, not all is gold that glitters. The Clubs have a great amount of debts with the National Health Service and the Treasury. A lot of them come from the unpaid salaries to the footballers and they have been bailed out more than once. I mean that ordinary people are supporting Clubs such as R. Madrid or Barcelona which handle a larger budget than the Ministry of Education.

I believe that, if the Publics Powers don't do anything about it, soon Football will become in a major problem for this country, which is fighting really hard against the present economic crisis, cutting down on the Welfare State and taking the brunt of the crisis on the working class.

Finally, it seems that, in this Country, if you need any aid, you must prove that you are very rich as the footballers and the banks. If not, May God bless you.