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Published on Monday, 06 May 2013 19:34
Written by Cristina Ayala
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Last night she dreamt she went to Manderley again. In her dream the old house was as beautiful as ever. It was May, the best time of the year, the sun was shining, the trees and the smooth green lawns covered the driveway. She could smell the sea beyond the gardens. She woke up, It was just a flight fancy, Manderley was far away. Straight away, she had never yearned the current reality, but the truth was ruthless and bitter. Manderley had been destroyed by hate and evil. Once and forever Rebecca had won. By the time she arrived at Manderley as Max de Winter’s wife, under no circumstances had she lived free of Rebecca. The late Mrs. de Winter was so clever, everyone thought Rebecca was the most charming person ever.

In a frightening way, she would feel nobody wanted her there. She had never belonged to Manderley as Manderley had never belonged to her, and now she knew it for certain. They had lost a lot, they shall never go back to England. Nevertheless, she was with her husband now, she wanted to believe he was all she needed. Yet, it is not gold all that glitters, in the wake of nearly twenty years the past was too nigh. At no time couldn’t she forget the fear and the terror of knowing his husband a killer, Max had shot Rebecca dead. For ever more she will be the wife of a murderer. That was Rebecca's triumph.