Image result for jerez bike championshipThe first time we went to the Spanish Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix by motorbike was in 2001. We had been there two years before but by car. Six months earlier my boyfriend and I had bought a racing motorbike and we were more than excited with the idea of relishing the trip and watching the sporting event as the rest of those dead keen motorcyclists. Some friends came along joining a gorgeous group of eight motorbikes and eleven people.

England on a shoestring budget



Have you ever considered spending one month in England without spending a fortune? Have you ever thought about studying in an English academy for a song? Have you ever considered mingling with locals in a laid-back environment? If you are a culture vulture, you can make the most of free guided tours in amazing museums.

Well, as an inveterate backpacker, I can give you some tips about different ways of saving money in almost everything. Let me show you how:




Several years ago, in October, I travelled to Nepal with a group of seventeen friends. October is the best month to visit this country because the monsoon is over and winter hasn’t come yet. We wanted to see Kathmandu and some other cities but our main goal was to do the Annapurna’s trekking and to cross Thorong La, a hillock situated at 5,416 m over the sea level.

Another way to Feel Life 人生を感じるための別の方法


Could you imagine a place where in less than an hour you can travel through time? That place exists and it is Japan. There you can get the latest brand new devices such as cameras, mobiles and consoles or you can enjoy an ancient entertainment like Buddhist monks praying in Kyoto.

One thing that has struck me most is their religion which is not a defined concept, because Japanese do not believe in a particular religion. Instead, they gather the features of many religions in their daily lives in a process known as syncretism. For example wedding ceremonies are usually conducted by Shintoism, otherwise everything related to death and funerals is carried out in Buddhism.

Nowadays lots of Spanish people are fascinated by the Japanese culture, in fact, there is an urban tribe called "otaku". They love reading Japanese comics (manga), watching Japanese series (anime) and dressing up as their heroes (cosplay). Maybe you think than they are weird but you have also watched some “anime” such as “Heidi”, “Dragon ball” or “Mazinger Z”.

Finally you should visit this country because you can enjoy different types of life and, as I told before, travel through the time.


Six reasons to fall in love with Hamburg


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The first time I went to Hamburg was in 2001. I was still living in the South of Brazil. The fact that I have German ancestors gave me a sense of Teutonic belonging as I have always looked up to their strength in rebuilding an enviable nation. Even though many of 'gaúchos' (people from Rio Grande do Sul) are descendants from a German Herr or Frau, there is still a rather mammoth-sized cultural barrier between us. Anyway, this is something that I could write loads of pages about. On this occasion, I just want to tell you why I love Hamburg. Here are a few reasons:

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