Tips before travelling to Bahia in Brazil





Have you ever imagined going to a place where time goes by at a slower pace and everybody seems to be as happy as a dog with two tails? If you answered 'Yes', your next destination on holiday should be Bahia in Brazil. Here are some tips before packing up your luggage:


1) In Bahia the week has eight days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Tomorrow. For any need you may have, they will tell you: "Don't worry, tomorrow you'll get it!". When you return on the following day, you will hear the same answer, so be patient because one day Tomorrow will mean Today.

2) Bahianos are very laid-back. If you go to a restaurant, be prepared to wait at least for one hour to have your meal served. That's when you will certainly know the actual meaning of 'slow-life philosophy', escaping from a standardized life ruled by our wrist watch, subdued by a speed that obscurates your ability to enjoy a long-awaited moment. Just when you are about to leave the place, your two-course meal finally arrives.

3) They are well-known for being sun worshippers and amusing flirts. At times you may be sunbathing or reading a book when, suddenly, you will see a complete stranger sitting next to you carrying two eye-catching tropical cocktails. Smiling sweetly, he will start to flatter you as if you were the very Beauty Goddess. Needless to say, after a short while, you will be allured to try the tantalising multifruit drink.

4) In Bahia, be careful when trying different kinds of dishes. They usually use a special oil, called 'Dendê', which is very laxative as well as another very strong sort of chilli. Don't dare ask for a hot meal, unless spiciness and yourself get on well together, as you are bound to feel like a house on fire.

5) Don't be scared if they befriend you, it's in their nature. They love shooting the breeze with whoever they meet. Bahianos are cheerful, hospitable and extremely light-hearted. Bahia is a real melting pot, it is also said that God is bahiano, so it will be easy for you to feel a sense of belonging.

6) Forget about touristy places, go to unspoiled beaches and untouched spots where transport means horse or small dugout canoe headed by indigenous youngsters. At times you will feel as though you're being brought back in time, so close your eyes and you will imagine the very conqueror Cabral disembarking with his Portuguese fleet.

My last suggestion is to enjoy Bahia, try to go off the beaten track and keep the good spirits of these marvellous people with you. 



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