Please, where is the errm...?



Have you ever thought about what the most useful word is when you are travelling worldwide? I'll give you a clue, you must go to this place at least five times a day. If you are portraying a convenience where you can relieve yourself, you are right. Yes, you got it: the Loo. The problem is that not always it'll be adequate to use this term.

For instance, if you were invited to a lavish meal in a posh Londonner restaurant, it would be better to query for the Lavatory or the Powder Room. However, if you were in an elegant American venue, you should rather say the Restroom, because if you said Lavvy, maybe one of the tycoons would send you to his private jet's Lav. On the other hand, if you are in Canada, you had better name it the Washroom.

Supposing you were camping, you would look for the Latrine or the Outhouse. Nevertheless, if you were in a music festival outdoors, you would look for the Portable Toilet or the Automated Sanisette Facility. But if the gig took place in an English pub, you would demand for the Ladies' or Gentlemen's Room (or Ladies and Gents itself), those expressions have a sort of casual-professional feel. On the contrary, if the performance was to take place in an American Sports Bar, it would sound cute to inquire for the Little Girls' or Boys' Room. After cheering so many toasts, maybe you would overhear a jolly drinker saying to his chap that 'he had to see a man about a dog (or a horse)' referring to the Pee Room.

Imagine you were in a Summer Camp, the children would urge for the Poppy Pot or the Toiley. If some of them are British schoolboys, they'll run to the Bog. The entertainers would show them the Crapper or the John (or Jake).

If you decided to travel to Jamaica, you could request The Privvy or the Swamp, whereas if you were in India, maybe a former British soldier would show you the Thunder-box. However, the one who served in the Navy would send you to the Head and have a wet on the wall.

Well, I think it's high time I finished it, because I've just received an urgent nature's call and I need to find a Water Closet (or WC).

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