I should have described the impresive and spectacular monuments, squares or cathedrals of Moscow. Nevertheless, I’ve chosen to talk about how I felt in that bizarre City. My first thorny issue was the fact that I utterly disliked the midnight sun. Those white nights!!! In a trice, it seemed to me as if the universe had stopped. Not only did the air become extremely heavy, but also the whole scenery was rather gloomy. Clouds, stars, leaves, every single thing stayed stand-still. I would get an uneasy feeling and I couldn’t sleep a wink.


In a funny way, I was discovering some astonishing facts. One of them is the 96-metre long Statue of Peter the Great, for instance. In good faith, one of the most horrid landmarks in the world. However, there is an amusing story behind it. The sculptor is said to have made the Statue to celebrate the V Centenary of Discovery of America. Russia would have wanted to give it to Spain as a present  for the Expo 92. However, Spain said it was too big !! Then they tried the same story with some American cities but America said it was enormous !

As a result, they opted for beheading Cristobal Colon and, instead, put the head of Peter the Great. The following brillant idea was to place the sculpture in the middle of the River Moscowa . Therefore, now, we can see Peter the Great sailing a "carabela" through the river and pointing out "Land Ho!" All is well that ends well !
But I really became aware of Russia's extravagance when I remained in front the Tzar's Bell and Cannon. The bell is the largest in the world, weighing more than 200 tons and 6.14 metres high. But it was never successfuly completed. It got cracked in a fire. Futhermore, we must bear in mind that under no circumstances could a bell tower hold that weight.  The Tzar's Cannon is almost 6 metres long and weights 40 tons. It’s never been used in a military action. It wouldn’t be possible to move a weapon with such senseless weight. In addition to that, its hole is smaller that the cannon balls which are handily placed next to the cannon.
In my opinion, Russian people aren’t welcoming. Tourism is not their main income since they only have good weather two months a year. Actually, they don't need any tourists and they don’t like them. Moreover, many of them don't speak a foreign language, so it's very difficult to keep contact with them.
On the other hand, they’re as tough as leather. Their History has been full of blood and cruelty. The Tzars' imperialism , as well as communism, has brought them to the verge of misery. They had to start from scratch. Having said that, I must say I had fun in Russia. I’m looking forward to coming back some other time.

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