When you ask somebody about Romania, most people can only think of either gypsies or Dracula. This is rather shocking as we are talking about the fifth biggest country in Europe. In my opinion, not until you have been to a country do you realize what it is really like. I consider myself most lucky for having spent fifteen amazing summer days there, even though the airline I booked in misplaced my luggage in Barcelona.


The first memory that comes to my mind besides ‘where is my damn bag!?’ is that there seemed to be more gypsies in Spain than there. Most of them were fairly tall and blond haired. Romania is located in a strategic crossroads to Asia, Northern, Southern and Central Europe. That might be the reason why it is such a multicultural country where the mixture of races is so apparent. In fact, apart from some minor differences, I find Romanians and Spaniards quite alike.

Romania is an amazing country with a huge amount of leisure possibilities for tourists. The areas we visited were Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Pitesti and (it could not be otherwise), Transylvania. We saw breathtaking orthodox churches, captivating museums, delightful cities and charming villages, but what I enjoyed most was nature itself. We stayed at a rural hotel fittingly called ‘Siesta’. It was located in a gorgeous glacial valley on the river. There we booked a boat trip on the lake and we went trekking and climbing.

The only thing I could possibly regret is not having had enough time to go to the coast. Nevertheless, I will always remember those fifteen days as one of my best summer journeys ever. To put in a nut shell, not only have Romania and its people taken a piece of my heart, but also they have given me a bunch of memories I will never forget.

Written by Werner García

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