If only I were a fat cat...



I've just been to the Canary Islands. My holidays weren't too dear. My flight was far from being luxurious. Because my hometown is landlocked, I chose the less pricey hostel near the beach just to feel the ocean breeze. As soon as I unpacked my luggage I set off for a dip. I had to walk almost forty minutes, naïvely I didn't figure out that travel agencies leaflets never tells you the truth.


Because one must pay over the odds for hiring a sunbathing set (a deckchair and a sunshade), I decided to bring mine. The water was crystal clear and I dived into the sea. I had been swimming for less than half an hour when I felt a sudden sense of freedom. It was marvellous! While I was enjoying this rare sensation, I noticed that everybody was pointing at me. With a shot of pride and high self-esteem, I reckoned that they were astonished with my aura's luminescence of high spirits.

To my horror, they were staring at me due to the fact that I was stark naked. My bathing suit had simply melted down in the salted water. Of course, it wasn't an upscale item, but I expected it to last a bit longer. After a few agonizing minutes, I found a Good Samaritan who brought my non top-of-the-range discoloured towel.

My first day off was dreadfully disastrous, then. So I tried to relax going to a lavish sidewalk pub. I ordered a ‘Margarita’ and, while I was sipping at it, I felt as a nouveau-riche in a affluent resort. When the bill arrived, I got shocked. It was a daylight robbery! After being ripped off, I committed myself to shop around cautiously, preventing from having a lunch which could cost me an arm and a leg. I tracked down a gastropub which certainly makes the most of leftovers. My lunch wasn't tantalizing, but at least edible. No wonder I had to go for a walk to digest it.

While I was wandering, I glimpsed steep clothes to die for, precious accessories, luscious perfumes and so on and so forth. On top of that, I got staggered by the loads of limited-edition convertible cars with prosperous tycoons inside and dazzling motorbikes ridden by well-heeled youngsters. I was green with envy, so before having a migraine, I decided to have a nap. Lying down on my bunk bed, I closed my eyes and dreamt with lavishly furnished manor houses, flashy cars and magnificent gardens. So that was it!

Guess what! Now, I'm bound to do a crash course in making dough on the stock market. Then, one day my fortune might change and my dream would come true. Otherwise, before sleeping, I'm always repeating Woody Allen's praying mantis: 'If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank!'

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