If only I were a fat cat...



I've just been to the Canary Islands. My holidays weren't too dear. My flight was far from being luxurious. Because my hometown is landlocked, I chose the less pricey hostel near the beach just to feel the ocean breeze. As soon as I unpacked my luggage I set off for a dip. I had to walk almost forty minutes, naïvely I didn't figure out that travel agencies leaflets never tells you the truth.







When you ask somebody about Romania, most people can only think of either gypsies or Dracula. This is rather shocking as we are talking about the fifth biggest country in Europe. In my opinion, not until you have been to a country do you realize what it is really like. I consider myself most lucky for having spent fifteen amazing summer days there, even though the airline I booked in misplaced my luggage in Barcelona.




I should have described the impresive and spectacular monuments, squares or cathedrals of Moscow. Nevertheless, I’ve chosen to talk about how I felt in that bizarre City. My first thorny issue was the fact that I utterly disliked the midnight sun. Those white nights!!! In a trice, it seemed to me as if the universe had stopped. Not only did the air become extremely heavy, but also the whole scenery was rather gloomy. Clouds, stars, leaves, every single thing stayed stand-still. I would get an uneasy feeling and I couldn’t sleep a wink.


Please, where is the errm...?



Have you ever thought about what the most useful word is when you are travelling worldwide? I'll give you a clue, you must go to this place at least five times a day. If you are portraying a convenience where you can relieve yourself, you are right. Yes, you got it: the Loo. The problem is that not always it'll be adequate to use this term.

Tips before travelling to Bahia in Brazil





Have you ever imagined going to a place where time goes by at a slower pace and everybody seems to be as happy as a dog with two tails? If you answered 'Yes', your next destination on holiday should be Bahia in Brazil. Here are some tips before packing up your luggage:


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