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admin said in December 23rd, 2008 at 6:12 pm

26 (b) to know
27 (a) me of making
28 (c) for saying
29 (a) ignoring
30 (b) to go
31 (c) me to rest
32 (a) that he should take
33 (c) shouting

34 must
35 couldn’t
36 won’t
37 might / may
38 can’t
39 could
40 may / might

41 He complained (that) I hadn’t told him.
42 She promised (that) she would phone me tonight.
43 She refused to help me.
44 He told me off for shouting so much.
45 He replied that it hadn’t been his fault. / He replied that it wasn’t his fault.
(2 points for each sentence)

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